We’re all for celebrating life’s special moments with a little indulgence, of course, but if you’re looking for a healthier option to day-to-day shop bought treats, without feeling deprived then why not stock up on some of these alternatives? We can offer gluten-free, refined sugar-free options packed with nuts, seeds and good fats to keep you happy, healthy and most importantly, away from the vending machine.

Super Flapjacks
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s a Super Flapjack!! Crammed with a mixture of oats, nuts, goji berries and seeds and sweetened with natural unrefined sugar, these protein packed sweet treats are a great satisfying snack.
£8 per 10 flapjacks

Cacao-nutty squares
A crunchy mix of almonds and seeds combined with antioxidant-rich cacao powder and coconut oil. These provide a seriously dark chocolate hit with a bite!
£5 per 8 squares

Orange & Almond Squares/Loaf
Flourless but fluffy, these can either be made individually (as shown) or as a loaf cake. Perfect to share with with friends over a cuppa, (add a dollop of Greek yoghurt, drizzle of honey and orange zest for an easy but tasty pud).
£10 per 8 individual / £9 per loaf

Bounty Balls
Perfect if you want a portable snack or just a healthier alternative to the biscuit tin when you’re craving a little treat. Cacao, coconut and coconut oil provide an intense flavour hit. Sweetened with dates and xylitol.
£8 per 12 balls

Sweet Potato Cacao Brownies
The addition of sweet potato adds to the gooey texture of these brownies, made with buckwheat flour and crammed with antioxidant-rich cacao these are both gluten and refined sugar-free! The healthier, guilt-free alternative to regular brownies.
£12 per 8 brownies

Martha’s Perfect Granola
Having tried and tested many variations, the result is our perfect mix containing chia seeds, oats, nuts, dates and pumpkin seeds coated in coconut oil, honey and cinnamon and toasted to perfection. A perfect way to start the day or sprinkle on yoghurt for a satisfying snack.
£4 per 270g bag, £7.50 per 540g
Granola Bag